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822 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44702, USA

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Job Summary:
The Club Manager has responsibility for management of the Club and the office, in a professional, efficient,
and fiscally responsible manner. Responsibilities include overseeing operations, performing general office tasks, some financial duties, the scheduling of events, and managing reservations. The Club Manager is responsibile for hiring Staff in collaboration with the Kitchen Manager and Lead Server, when appropriate.
The Club Manager is accountable to the Corporate Board of Directors.
General Responsibilities:
• Create a comfortable, respectful, congenial atmosphere for the members and guests; relate to them in an efficient, patient, and organized manner.
• Based on the Club's Calendar, ensure coverage of the Club Office and, if necessary, alter schedule to be available for weekend and evening events.
• Be familiar with all duties of Club personnel and be capable of completing their tasks when required.
• Manage the reservation system for both member and public events including recording reservations,
processing event inquiries, meeting with clients, executing the event, and collaborating with the Kitchen Manager and Lead Server.
Responsibility to the Corporate Board of Directors:
• At all times, work closely with the Board to achieve the best interests of the membership.
• Submit a detailed written and oral report to the Board at its monthly meeting, including
Kitchen/Dining Room sales, upcoming events, as well as any unusual incidents or anticipated needs or expenses.
• Develop, initiate, and implement marketing plans to increase Club profitability. Submit such plans to the Board for approval before initiation.
• Work with specific Board Members on an as-needed basis to assist them in their responsibilities.
Responsibility for Staff:
• Hire and supervise Staff, in collaboration with Kitchen Manager and Lead Server, when appropriate.
• Motivate Staff to ensure member and guest satisfaction and to create a positive working
• Review Training Manual and Employment Handbook with Staff with assistance from the Kitchen
Manager. Ensure that all safety, accident, and emergency policies and procedures are in place and
• Give clear assignments of responsibility to Kitchen Manager and Lead Server.
• Perform Annual Reviews of Kitchen Manager and Lead Server. Perform Annual Reviews of Wait Staff
with input from Lead Server.


About the Company

The Canton Woman's Club was established in 1920 by a group of women looking to provide a social establishment for the women of Canton. Today the membership continues the traditions of friendship, education, hard work and civic responsibility.

In addition to our membership activities, we are also available for private events, catering, tea parties and more!

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