Food Prep & Driver -- Part Time

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822 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44702, USA

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Job Summary:
As a Food Preparation Worker, you will be responsible for helping the kitchen team in preparing the menu items. The Worker will also be responsible for cleaning, cutting, and slicing the ingredients as per the instructions provided. As a Driver, you will be responsible for loading and transporting food to the site(s). The Worker takes direction from the Kitchen Manager.
Food Prep Duties:
• Prepare food ingredients as per the recipe.
• Work in collaboration with the Kitchen team members.
• Clean and prepare all food thoroughly.
• Organize the workstation with the necessary equipment.
• Check the temperature of the various food items.
• Store all food items in appropriate containers.
• Keep the work areas clean and tidy after use.
• Sanitize the kitchen equipment and utensils.
• Follow all food safety guidelines.
• Adhere to all rules and regulations of the kitchen.
• Clean all dishes, work area, sweep and mop the floor, take out trash at the end of each shift.
Driving Duties:
• Prepare food for transport. Pack hot boxes and coolers. Load vehicle.
• Deliver food to assigned site(s).
• Bring back Club's pans and containers.
• Pick-up groceries or fill vehicle with gasoline as directed by the Kitchen Manager. Place all receipts in "Receipts" box.
• Wipe down hot boxes and coolers and store appropriately. Clean any spills from vehicle immediately upon return to the Club.
• Park vehicle where assigned.
• Keep vehicle neat and clean.
• Notify Kitchen Manager of any problems with vehicle; report any damage.
• Valid Ohio Drivers' License; must meet the requirements of the Club's insurance provider.
• Ability to push, pull, or lift at least 50 pounds using proper body mechanics.
• Ability to work standing, walking, or moving for 3-4 hours without needing to sit down.


About the Company

The Canton Woman's Club was established in 1920 by a group of women looking to provide a social establishment for the women of Canton. Today the membership continues the traditions of friendship, education, hard work and civic responsibility.

In addition to our membership activities, we are also available for private events, catering, tea parties and more!

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